HourlyNerd proud to have the perfect space to call home

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Jangro_Bobby_Color_Casual_HiResFrom Bobby Jangro
Associate, Downtown Leasing Team

One of the many challenges for an emerging technology company is figuring out how to harness rapid growth. There are a lot of elements that factor into that equation, not the least of which is physical space. Many locally-born startups begin their early days in co-working communities like WeWork, incubating with an investor, or sharing space with a partner company.  All are perfect places to start, but not as accommodating when they experience growth.

For HourlyNerd, a Boston-based technology company offering affordable business consultants via an online portal, their story began in the Harvard Innovation Lab. With only a handful of employees initially, the program offered a high level of energy and resources and was just what the company needed to get off the ground.

Watch HourlyNerd’s co-founders discuss the company’s new office space and the impact it has made on the company’s continued success in our latest JLL Space Studies video.

While the company’s first two spaces after the i-lab were more “permanent” solutions, their rapid business growth required them to remain nimble and flexible.  After a series of physical expansions, another office search was needed to find a longer term solution. “We basically doubled every year in headcount and so we wanted to be able to have a space we could grow into,” said co-founder Pat Petitti.

Enter 280 Summer Street in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood, HourlyNerd’s third office in just two years. This space proved to be just what the company need to support its continued physical growth, as well as its cultural evolution.

“Thinking of the previous spaces we had, they were great and they felt start-upy, but now we feel more like a mid-stage technology company and the space reflects it,” said co-founder Rob Biederman.

“The truth is the space makes a really, really big difference in your company. It needs to support the culture you’re trying to build and the way you want people to work together,” added Petitti. “We are insanely proud to be able to call this our office.”

Watch the above video for more on how much this new space has meant to HourlyNerd, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

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