Running for a Cause: Why this Marathon Monday will be extra special

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The Boston Marathon is one of this city’s most storied and anticipated events. Every year, more than 30,000 runners and 500,000 spectators take part in the world’s oldest annual marathon. This Marathon Monday, three of our own JLLers will be taking part in the race and doing so for three very special causes. Ryan Enright, Matt Sherry, and Bobby Jangro—who have collectively raised more than $30,000 and counting— each have a unique story to tell about why this April 18th is so important to them.

RyanRyan Enright: Running for Joslin Diabetes Center
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JLL Brokerage Executive Vice President Ryan Enright will be running in his 19th consecutive Boston Marathon this year. A remarkable feat for anyone, it is perhaps even more impressive for Ryan, who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 5 years ago. Having previously run in support of a variety of different organizations including Thompson Island and Rett Syndrome, running for Joslin Diabetes Center this year will be an extra-special feeling for Ryan, who has been a patient there for the last several years. Extra-special, and extra-challenging, as this year’s race will be Ryan’s first running with an insulin pump. He’s been training with the pump and will be able to monitor his sugars constantly throughout the race on his Apple Watch. Ryan is hoping that this year he can set an example for his children or anyone else that, “no matter the challenge—be it school, sports, or something entirely different—you can accomplish it and finish it.” He’s also looking forward to proving to himself that despite this new obstacle, it won’t prevent him from continuing his streak of 19 straight Boston Marathons! “Hopefully it prevents people from saying you can’t do something,” he said. “You can, you just need to manage it differently.”

MattMatt Sherry: Running for Mass Eye and Ear and Operation Airway
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JLL Capital Markets Vice President Matt Sherry knows first hand the critical difference Mass Eye and Ear, and in particular, Operation Airway, can make. His son Barrett, who recently turned one, was born with a cyst at the base of his tongue that was obstructing his airway. For the first several months of his life, Barrett was in treatment at Mass Eye and Ear. Today, Matt is happy to report that thanks to the amazing doctors at the hospital, his son is now trach-free, cyst-free and walking, talking and smiling non-stop. Matt credits the hospital and its amazing team with saving his son’s life. He said he, “needed to find a way to pay them back,” and hopes his efforts will help save another child in need. Despite having previously taken part in the Philadelphia Marathon, Matt doesn’t exactly consider himself a runner, so if he’s struggling towards the end of the race, he plans to “think about all the struggle Barrett went through and say to myself I’m just running, I’ll be alright.”

BobbyBobby Jangro: Running for MassGeneral Hospital for Children Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
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JLL Brokerage Associate Bobby Jangro has a special connection with the Boston Marathon. He finished the race in 2013 just seconds before the first bomb went off, calling it “one of the most emotional moments of my life.” 2016 will be Bobby’s 3rd Boston Marathon, all run in support of the Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at MassGeneral Hospital for Children. He got involved with MGH because of family ties to the hospital and appreciated the intimate nature of its children’s cancer unit, which allowed him to see the immediate impact he was making. In fact, as part of his efforts, Bobby has been paired with a 15-year-old patient currently being treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an experience he has called both special and emotional. He can’t wait to reach the top of Heartbreak Hill at mile 20 and see the families, patients and doctors at the MGH tent cheering him on and providing the extra energy needed to finish. “Part of me does it for the mental and physical challenge,” he said. “But that reward is nothing compared to achieving something like that for a cause as special as MassGeneral Hospital for Children.”

We wish Ryan, Matt, and Bobby the best of luck as they run for these three special causes on Monday!

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