An inside look at why revitalizing your workplace can help your business thrive

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Workplace strategy is a hot topic of late, as well it should be. Office culture has changed radically in recent years, the impact of which can not be understated. As one recent JLL report revealed, engaged employees can improve a company’s bottom line through increased customer satisfaction and enhanced productivity. In fact, one workplace study shows that more than 70% of workers would settle for slightly less pay but a better work environment.

Whatever your industry, staying competitive hinges on having a well-designed, people-friendly workplace that encourages real productivity and collaboration, promotes health and happiness, and helps you attract and retain top talent.

At our JLL headquarters in Chicago, we are in the process of addressing this need for change, undertaking a massive renovation encompassing more than 200,000 square feet across 6 floors, and impacting nearly 1,500 employees. In doing so, we’ve decided to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the transformation and share best practices you can use for your own current or future workplace revitalization.

Planned new common space at JLL HQ.

Planned new common space at JLL HQ.

On our newly launched website you can find out more about the whys and hows of revitalizing the workplace so your business can thrive. Topics include:

  • Creating a well-planned space
  • Promoting health and happiness
  • Considering company culture
  • Planning a productive workplace
  • Building out your space
  • And much, much more!

And if you’re in the mood for a good laugh, there are also some great videos on the site like the one below, which we’re sure you can all relate to.

We encourage you to check out and download the associated ebook, Forget the Beanbags: Here are the real workplace trends to steal from tech. Please contact Dermot Roe and our PDS team if you are embarking on an office renovation of your own and need some help.

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