Choice and control drive Sonos’ new workspace

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Chad Lundeen of Sonos told a full house at Bisnow’s Boston Creative Office event that the wireless audio products company left Cambridge for Lafayette City Center for three key reasons: access, amenities and infrastructure.

“Now we’re in an urban core,” he said. “Downtown Crossing has quickly become jammed with hot tech startups. It’s important to our culture to be surrounded by fresh energy and new ideas.”


Aside from LCC’s location in a transportation hub and amenity-rich area, Chad said that his real estate and facilities team was analytical about how they designed and configured the space itself. “We took a long hard look at the back end of how we operate internally. Our goal was to create complete mobility.”

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Chad described Sonos’ new home as a total workplace reinvention. Their drivers included brand integration and an amplified employee experience. A main circulation path streams through simple, functional workspace zones customized to the flow of each department. To enhance the connection between departments and allow for more collaboration, offices were eliminated and all staff were provided workstations in an open work environment.

He loves the monumental staircase that connects to a 5,000-square-foot café for company meetings, events, and impromptu conversation. Custom listening rooms serve as multi-purpose studio-like environments where clients, visitors, and employees demo Sonos products.

SonosSpacePicOneFromChadLundeenMarch4,2016 IA_Sonos_05

“Technology must have ease of use,” he explained. “For us, number one is giving our employees complete choice and control at any given moment.”

“We made our spaces fun, inviting, and connected. Everyone talks about collaboration but we think we’ve got the formula down.”

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