JLL Women’s Business Network, Dress for Success team up to help empower women

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Middleton-Pratt_Lauren_Color_Casual_HiResFrom Lauren Middleton-Pratt
JLL Women’s Business Network, Dress for Success Boston Event Chair

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Here at JLL New England we recently launched the local chapter of our Women’s Business Network. The organization, which has nearly 20 chapters throughout JLL, is one of several employee resource groups at the company that help to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace. The mission of the WBN is to attract, develop and retain professional women at JLL to be an employer and partner of choice.

There’s another organization in town, Dress for Success Boston, that, much like we do, aspires to a world that fully harnesses the power of women and recognizes their role in economic sustainability. If you’re not familiar with the organization, they provide women with the professional attire needed for an all-important job interview and business casual clothing once they secure the job. In addition to dressing these women for success, they also equip them with the confidence and skills necessary to maintain that success long term.

Given our shared values, we recently invited the women of Dress for Success into our office to share more about this life-changing organization. We were lucky enough to have both Executive Director Kimberly Todd and Operations Manager Janaial Robinson join us to tell us all about the impact their organization is having on women in the local community. In fact, in Boston alone, Dress for Success outfits 1,000 women each year. These are women that, while working through life’s challenges, are educated doctors, lawyers, teachers, and moms, among other professions.

Pictured from left to right: Kelsey, Samantha Adams, Jan, Kim, Lisa Strope, Lauren Middleton-Pratt, and Vivian V

JLL event organizers and Dress for Success representatives. Pictured from left to right: Kelsey Tynan, Samantha Adams, Janaial Robinson, Kimberly Todd, Lisa Strope, Lauren Middleton-Pratt, and Vivian Varbedian.

Here at JLL, we’ve been doing our part to contribute to this worthwhile cause by holding an in-office accessories drive for the past several weeks. As we’ve learned, the organization is always in need of accessories, particularly purses, to help complete the look and give these women that little extra touch they need to walk into their interview with the utmost confidence. If you’re interested in donating, they also accept full suits, work appropriate dresses, blouses, blazers and much more. If you prefer to volunteer your time, the organization also has a ton of opportunities, from serving as a personal shopper, to working in the career center, or contributing as a mentor.

We are excited to partner with Dress for Success Boston on an ongoing basis moving forward to help keep and grow women in the workforce. I encourage you to get involved with the organization if you can, as we work together to help ladies who are striving to be where we are lucky enough to be today.

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