Top 10 reasons Boston is one of the top cities in the US and the world

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It’s not that often that a city and a region are firing on all cylinders the way we are right now in Boston and the surrounding communities. In fact, no matter where you look, the area is gaining recognition as a national and even a global leader in everything from innovation, to investment, to funding, to jobs, and much more.

Boston Harbor

To recap just how impressive a ride we’ve been on so far in 2016, here are 10 of the top reasons Boston is one of the premier cities in the US and the world:

  1. Boston is #1 in the US for entrepreneurial growth and innovation
  2. Boston is 4th in the US & 14th in the world in investment relative to the city’s size
  3. Massachusetts is the #1 most innovative state in America according to Bloomberg
  4. Boston is 2nd in the US & 5th in the world in latest Cities Momentum Index
  5. Boston had the #1 growth in venture capital funding
  6. Boston is among the top 6 cities in the world to be a scientific genius
  7. Boston is the 2nd best city in the US for quality of life
  8. Boston is one of the world’s top 50 retail cities
  9. Boston is #2 in the US for career oriented professions & 6th best city to launch a career
  10. Boston is the 3rd most walkable city in America

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