Placester’s new office space a home away from home

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Placester knows all about the importance of finding a good home. The real estate marketing company’s primary mission is to dramatically improve the home buying process for real estate professionals and consumers. So when it came to finding a home of their own, the stakes were that much higher.

Born from the Techstars accelerator in 2011, Placester spent several years in the Cambridge Innovation Center like so many local startups do, before moving to a small space at 101 Arch Street in 2014. But after hiring nearly 100 employees and raising $42 million in funding in 2015 alone, the company quickly realized it needed more room to support its rapid and continued growth.

“At some point we just hit a wall economically,” said Matt Barba, Placester’s co-founder and CEO. “We had nearly 25 people in a co-working space and we were paying what felt like a fortune. We had some conversations with local brokers and learned right out of the gate that we would save money by having our own space.”

Watch Placester’s co-founders discuss the company’s new office space and the impact it has made on the company’s continued success in our latest JLL Space Studies video.

Enter JLL, who, after securing short-term expansion space at 101 Arch Street to accommodate immediate growth needs, helped Placester find the perfect place to call home at 100 High Street in Boston’s Financial District. The 31,000-square-foot space–for which JLL also served as the Project Manager–is open and inviting, and includes all the features deemed must-haves by today’s tech tenants: soft seating, a pool table, foosball table, large kitchen, collaborative spaces and room to accommodate future expansion.

“I think the biggest thing was to make sure we were creating an environment that really focused on collaboration,” said Placesters’s other co-founder and CTO Frederick Townes. “We really wanted to have that for our own company and establish for the first time our own culture.”

Central to establishing that culture were some of the unique touches Placester put on their office space. With everything from doors that look like the front door of a home, to recreational areas with green carpeting like a yard, to benches like those you would find on a patio, the office was designed to emulate rooms in a home. In fact, the conference rooms are aptly named “family room,” “dining room,” and so on.

As Barba puts it: “It’s work at the end of the day. We’re not going to shy away from the fact that it’s work, but we do want folks to be comfortable.”

Since moving into its new home just a few months ago, things have only gotten better for Placester. The company acquired HomeFinder in March and RealSatisfied in April. Combined, their platform now reaches 400,000 real estate agents, or 1 out of 3 agents in the country.

“It’s really a nod to the folks who work here of how successful they’ve been in building this company,” said Barba.

Watch the above video to learn more about how much their new offices have meant to the company, and take a virtual tour of the space if you want to get a better feel for it.

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