Introducing JLL TechSpec: A destination for tech companies and investors

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Growing tech companies face all sorts of unique challenges to keep up with growth, not the least of which revolves around physical space. You don’t have to look much further than Carbonite, HourlyNerd, and Placester to see how important it is for companies like this to have a space of their own to accommodate for future expansion and foster collaboration and culture.

If you’re like any of the companies we just mentioned, we know you have questions and we hope our new website, JLL TechSpec, can help provide some answers.

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What you’ll find on JLL TechSpec:

  • Step-by-step guides to help tech companies navigate tough real estate decisions
  • New research on where to find both value and talent
  • Inspiring case studies from tech companies that transformed their office and culture
  • Expert input on the trends that affect tech real estate

We encourage you to check the site regularly for new content and while you’re there be sure to subscribe for weekly updates.

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