The District Burlington: A whole new experience

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The District Burlington’s new Experience Center, recently unveiled at an open house event for the local brokerage community, is a different kind of marketing center unlike anything in the area. Expressing the innovative qualities and new additions to this vibrant mixed-use development, the Experience Center also represents the latest in the myriad of workplace amenities and emphasizes the fact that space and context really matter to today’s creative tech companies. Themes like wellness, walkability, connectivity and amenities (the park will include a hotel and seven restaurants) resonate throughout the Experience Center space.



The Experience Center’s tour begins with a video wall that highlights the vision of The District Burlington’s transformation from ordinary office park to energetic mixed-use environment. The orange zone is the intersection of corporate wellness and workspace with its collaborative touchdown systems furniture, treadmill desk and ergonomic stand up meeting table with core balance stools.


The pink zone represents the latest in office design with adjustable height desks, ergonomic seating, and an interactive whiteboard table that projects floor plans that can be reconfigured on the fly to any requirement.


The red zone is where hospitality and workplace converge (a new Marriott Residence Inn hotel is scheduled to open on site in 2017). A faux roof deck overlooks The District Burlington’s real new roof deck now under construction as well as new green space, pedestrian networks and pocket parks along District Avenue.

Guests at this first look at the Experience Center were buzzing about the cool space and The District Burlington’s total transformation, with the campus’s redevelopment in full swing. Building 700 and its 80,000 square feet of additional workspace delivers in October, and there is opportunity for a 180,000 SF build to suit as well.

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