WiredScore brings connectivity, an undervalued variable, to the forefront for tenants

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Have you heard of WiredScore yet? If the answer’s no, you’re not alone. The service is quickly catching on here in the Greater Boston area and across the US. In fact, commercial real estate properties like Lake Williams Center in Marlborough, The District in Burlington, and One Beacon and the IDB in Boston are among the hundreds of buildings across the country that have all gotten on board. Simply put, think of it as LEED certification, but for connectivity.

What is WiredScore?

WiredScore is a certification program launched by Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Economic Development Corporation which identifies and provides certification to buildings with the fastest and most reliable internet connections. The application measures 3 primary factors:seal_certified

  • Building Connectivity: The number of internet service providers, the quality and speed of connections, and the access to provider cabling in the building.
  • Infrastructure: Factors specific to the building’s physical internet infrastructure (i.e., number of entry points, designated utility spaces, and risers).
  • Readiness: How ready a building is to improve its connectivity.

Why should tenants care?

Until now, connectivity has typically been a lower priority for tenants and something that typically wasn’t addressed until late in the game. What WiredScore does is bring this critical issue to the forefront and it allows tenants to begin thinking about it at the onset of their site selection process.

While amenities like fitness centers and cafeterias typically receive significant consideration by tenants when selecting space, connectivity is inarguably much more important. Think of it this way: your employees may not ever use the fitness center, but everyone uses the internet. If there are connectivity issues, that’s undoubtedly a much greater pain point.

The introduction of WiredScore offers greater transparency around this topic and introduces a baseline metric for companies to use when determining their next location. Thanks to WiredScore, tenants can now quickly eliminate buildings that won’t work for them without a significant amount of capital investment, and better select the property that will meet their connectivity needs.

There are so many variables to consider when choosing office space for your company that it’s easy to see why something like connectivity sometimes falls to the backburner. With WiredScore, this often undervalued variable is now becoming a whole lot clearer.

Please feel free to contact me for more information about WiredScore, properties in the MetroWest market, or with any questions you may have.

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