Boston a leader in tech jobs and wages

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Sparkes_Bryan_Color_Causal_HiResFrom Bryan Sparkes
Executive Vice President, Brokerage

It should come as no surprise that Boston is among the nation’s leaders in high tech employment. According to a recently released JLL report, Boston joins the likes of the Bay Area and NYC as one of the country’s top tech hubs that dominate job activity. In fact, over 30% of US tech employment and 52% of job gains are concentrated in the top 10 largest tech markets.

With over 156,000 tech jobs, Boston is 2nd to only Silicon Valley. The city is also among the markets with the highest tech wages, offering an average salary of $135,000.


That all said, job growth is slowing but it’s also becoming more sustainable. In fact, there are 13% more tech jobs today than there were at the height of the dot-com boom, and the tech industry is still leading overall US employment growth 2 to 1.

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