Top 3 reasons to hire a project manager for your next office move or renovation

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O'Connor_Tom_Color_Casual_HiResFrom Tom O’Connor
Senior Vice President, PDS

Moving into a new office space, building a whole new building, or renovating your existing space is exciting and rewarding, but it’s also often expensive and time consuming. Without help, you can find yourself spending most of your time sitting in conference rooms, scheduling meetings on top of more meetings, and struggling to keep up with your day-to-day responsibilities.

That’s where a project manager comes in. From our experience working with clients large and small from a variety of industries, these are the top 3 reasons to hire a project manager:

#1: An expert to guide you every step of the way
We recognize that managing a project is not your core competency which is where we come in. Just like you hire an accountant to do your taxes and a lawyer to handle your legal services, you should consider hiring a project manager to run all aspects of your office project. As experts in the process, we understand the project life cycle, when things need to happen, what order they should go in, what they should cost and can advise you accordingly as a result. You still get to make all final decisions, however, we do all the time consuming research to present you with decision-ready information and recommendations, as well as pros and cons associated with all options. Instead of spending days on end managing the project, you can spend a short hour in a meeting with your project manager to make the decision.

#2: Manage risk including scope, schedule, and budget
We are here to make sure we set a plan in place at the beginning of the project to properly identify the scope as well as what design and construction should cost and manage to that. We’re also here to look out for obstacles and have a plan for resolving all kinds of problems should they threaten to derail your project. This all helps us avoid scope creep, cost increases, or schedule delays throughout the life of the project.

#3: Realize significant cost savings
We create a competitive environment during the procurement process which drives savings for our clients. We also leverage our national and global spend with vendors and manufacturers to extend discounts to clients on their projects.

When selecting a project manager, be sure it’s someone you are comfortable with and willing to work closely with for anywhere from 6-24 months given the scope of your project. Typically, you will be in communication with your PM on a daily basis, if not multiple times per day, so it needs to be someone you trust, and someone you can easily and effectively collaborate with.

Please feel free to contact me for more information on how JLL can help you with an upcoming project, or with any questions you may have. Our group handles projects across office, lab, corporate commercial, life science, retail, and hospitality.

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