There’s a small island off the coast of Boston making a large impact

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Ryan Enright got involved with the Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center 15 years ago and has remained committed to the organization ever since. The program aims to provide children with adventurous and challenging experiential learning programs that inspire character development, compassion, community service, environmental responsibility, and academic achievement. Their mission is critical, given that by age 12, kids from higher-income households have spent 6,000 more hours learning outside the classroom than low-income students of the same age.

According to Enright, an EVP in JLL’s brokerage department who currently sits on the Board of the organization, “by challenging these kids physically and emotionally and putting them in situations they’re uncomfortable with, the hope is that they can translate the success they achieve here to the classroom and their lives.”


JLL’s Ryan Enright (right) announcing the race winners with Boston Marathon legend Bill Rodgers (left).

Enright, who initially became involved with Thompson Island at his previous company, has been working hard to bring the organization to the attention of others at JLL and get them involved too. As he puts it, “There’s a little island we can look out our window and see, and we have the ability through our participation to help kids right in the neighborhoods we work in everyday have an experience that can change their lives in a very direct way.”

One of those other JLLers who more recently gotten involved with the organization is AVP Rob Mahoney. Much like Ryan, he was deeply touched by the mission of the organization. “When I was first introduced to Thompson Island, the organization aligned well with many of my interests including early childhood education and environmental appreciation,” said Mahoney.

“As I got more involved, I began to meet the kids the island served, many coming from Boston’s most underserved neighborhoods,” he added. “By the time they’re old enough to visit the Island, these kids have so much ground to make up educationally, socially, and emotionally just to pull even with their peers. Thompson Island, in many direct and indirect ways, offers these kids a much needed upward push and has a measurable positive influence on them.”

Led by Ryan and Rob, a group of more than 20 JLLers took part in the organization’s annual 4k run just last week. The event, which has come a long way since Enright first got involved all those years ago, had 1,500 runners across 75 teams and raised an astounding $340,000.


In addition to Enright and Mahoney, the JLL team included: Brianna Piacitelli, Brittany Pecka, Madison Chambers, Maddy King, Sydney Swanson, Katie Figueira, Camille Jania, Natasha Findlay, Felicita Pena, Erick Vargas, Burke Oppenheim, Yvonne Boehme, Chelsea Garvey, Josh Berman, Molly Prey, Lizzie Kusbit, Alicia Anderson, Andrew Sherman, Shannon McCarthy, Maggie Dore, Megan Shields, and Jose Garay.

If you want to learn more about the Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center, feel free to contact Ryan or Rob, or visit the organization’s website.

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