Hard work, an impressive track record and dedication to the community make Travis D’Amato a worthy 40 under 40 honoree

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What JLL Managing Director Travis D’Amato has already accomplished at the young age of 35, some people only hope to accomplish in a lifetime. As one of the co-leaders of JLL’s multifamily sales team, Travis has advised on over $1.5 billion of real estate transactions since joining JLL in 2012. In fact, his team was recently responsible for the largest multifamily transaction in Boston history, the $215 million sale of Hanover CambridgePark, helping earn them the distinction of the #1 team in the market for the first half of this year.

So it’s no surprise Travis was recently named to the Boston Business Journal’s prestigious 40 under 40 list. For Travis, this success didn’t come overnight and is something he’s worked extremely hard to achieve.

“I knew if I did what I needed to do and worked hard I could be successful,” said Travis. “I think I’ve gotten to this level a little sooner than I would have thought but I got an early start. I’ve been a broker for 11 years now and my success has been built on a lot of hard work over a long period of time.”

But it’s not just his impressive sales record that makes Travis worthy of the BBJ’s 40 Under 40 award. It’s perhaps more so his dedication to the community. Travis is heavily involved in Heading Home, an organization dedicated to ending homelessness in Greater Boston, and is on the Board of Trustees of the Greater New England Chapter of the MS Society, in addition to other civic engagement.

“It makes you feel good,” said Travis. “At the same time, I think we have an obligation to give back and do things that are beyond our personal goals. You can lose sight of things if you just focus on your job and selling real estate. Frankly, a lot of people don’t do it enough. I always encourage every organization I’m a part of to engage in charitable endeavors. It’s an important piece of what everyone should do, and I’m no different.”

Coincidentally enough, Travis is the 3rd member of the JLL New England team to win this award in the last four years, and all of the winners, including Brokerage Managing Director Ben Heller and Capital Markets Managing Director Jess Hughes, graduated from the prestigious Dartmouth College.

“I think Dartmouth instills a very solid use of network and there’s a certain commonality between people that go to Dartmouth that helps open a lot of doors,” said Travis. “Real estate relationships matter and networks matter, and there are a lot of Dartmouth people in real estate. In fact, the Hanover company is named after Hanover, New Hampshire because the founders went to Dartmouth, and the local developer went to Dartmouth. While that wasn’t the only factor, it certainly helped open the door 10 years ago when I started working with them,” he added.

Successful for sure, and humble too. While he’s worked hard to get where he is today, Travis knows none of it would be possible without his team, which includes his partner and co-team leader Mike Coyne, as well as Vice Presidents Kevin Gleason and Brendan Shields and Design Manager Jennie Boylan.

“It’s not me doing all of this,” he was quick to add. “The recognition is individual but it shouldn’t be, because the successes aren’t individual.”

And it’s that attitude that will help Travis continue to excel in his career. While he may have already accomplished a great deal at a young age, he still has several goals he’s yet to achieve.

“I want to do a billion dollars in sales in a year, and we actually might come close to that this year,” said Travis. “I want to continue to grow market share and maintain that number one spot for more than half of a year, which is a significant challenge given the competition. Ultimately, the goal is to get as much as possible,” he said optimistically.

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