WHOOP’s custom space helps growing company reach new heights

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Jangro_Bobby_Color_Casual_HiResFrom Bobby Jangro
Assistant Vice President, Downtown Boston Leasing

Just a couple of weeks ago, Boston-based technology company WHOOP scored a deal with the NFL to become the first company officially licensed by the NFL Players Association to provide its wearable devices to track players’ health and recovery data. WHOOP, whose mission is to “unlock human performance,” already has a deal with MLB and is worn by many NBA players despite not yet having a league-wide deal in place. Add notable Olympians and other high-profile athletes to the equation and the product has become widely adopted and highly lauded across the sports industry.

Hear from WHOOP’s Founder and CFO on why the company’s new space has meant so much to its continued success.

It should come as no surprise then that the company’s significant success has led to continued growth. Amidst so many paramount deals, WHOOP recently found itself in need of a larger office space to better suit its expanding needs. They also wanted to remain in or around the Fenway neighborhood they had come to call home.

After a results-driven market evaluation process, Van Ness, located at 1325 Boylston Street, proved to be the perfect fit for WHOOP. And, after a series of thorough negotiations they were able to customize and design the state-of-the-art space to meet all of their needs. Highlights include a wide variety of features such as a data collection room, a gym, a prototyping lab, more meeting spaces, a great kitchen, an outdoor terrace, and a beautiful roof deck.

“We get similar reaction across the board — they normally love the space,” said Carlos Famadas, CFO & VP of Operations at WHOOP.

One of the most notable features of the space is its breathtaking and unobstructed views of Fenway Park. Being steps from one of the most notable sports stadiums in the nation has proved beneficial for the company’s branding and awareness.

“When you have high-profile athletes come to your office you want make sure they have a great experience and really understand what your company is all about,” said WHOOP Founder & CEO Will Amhed.

“Your office space really matters, and having a great space, great environment and great design is going improve everything about your company and really permeate through its culture,” he added.

I encourage you to watch the above video to learn more about WHOOP’s new space and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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