An ambition to advance veterans in CRE

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Zach Gramlich, JLL Brokerage Associate

JLL Boston’s newest Suburban broker Zach Gramlich admits his foray into commercial real estate has been a tough one. That’s because Zach, a former Recon Marine, is one of the thousands of veterans transitioning from the military into the professional world.

“The transition has definitely been one of the most difficult things for me,” says Zach. “It’s something they don’t really prepare you for and I’ve really had to navigate it on my own. There aren’t a lot of guys like me who served in this industry.”

Luckily for Zach, JLL has been both welcoming and supportive. The company is committed to hiring veterans like Zach and fellow JLL Boston broker Hardy Allen, who Zach says has been a great resource to have on his team.

“Of all the companies I met with, JLL was really the one that saw how my military experience could be successfully parlayed into this type of team-oriented environment. I don’t think I could have landed at a better place,” he added.

After growing up in Southern Illinois, Zach attended nearby Winchester High School, where he was the only member of his 2008 class to enlist in the military upon graduation.

“I always wanted to do it since I was a little kid,” he says without hesitation. “It was a life passion.”

A multi-sport athlete in high school who led his wrestling team to two state championships, Zach was twice deployed to the Middle East while serving in the Marines.

“You train for it,” he said. “It’s like going to practice every day and not getting to play in the game.”

While he wasn’t ready for college right after high school, Zach knew he’d need an advanced education to continue his professional career. So, in 2012, as the war was dying down, he returned home to attend UMass Boston. Now, a little over four years later, Zach is eager to use his unique experiences for more than just his own benefit.

“I want to help fellow veterans in whatever way possible and advance the community as a whole,” he says.

An admirable ambition, and one we hope JLL can help him achieve.

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