An ambition to change the world one meal at a time

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Lori Mabardi, CaterCares creator

Nearly a year and half ago, JLL Senior Research Director Lori Mabardi reflected on her idea to create CaterCares. At the time, the program was in its infancy, having just officially been named and having not yet been made public or launched. Even then, without a single CaterCares member and no guarantee that the concept would even work, Lori was in awe of how far the program had come and the support she had already received.

“I have gotten nothing but encouragement, enthusiasm, passion, and energy,” she said at the time. “No one at JLL ever told me you can’t do this, and so many people have dedicated so much of their time and have given me incredible guidance.”

Now, less than 18 months later, CaterCares has reached its most significant milestone yet. After launching in Boston, the program now has a presence in 23 states, and, most notably, recently surpassed the 100,000 meals created mark.

JLL & ezCater presenting the kick-off check to The Greater Boston Food Bank in January 2017

As Lori recently described to Forbes, joining forces with Boston-based ezCater, the nation’s premier online marketplace for business catering, and Feeding America, the largest hunger relief organization in the country, made the opportunity to expand nationwide possible.

“My ambition has not changed at all,” says Lori, recalling the long journey to get CaterCares to this point. “One of my personal ambitions has always been to go big in the area of childhood hunger and mobilize Corporate America behind our nation’s children. I feel very fortunate that our firm’s make-up and culture made it the perfect environment for me to achieve those ambitions while creating a win-win for our clients, our people and our communities. It’s been an honor to watch so many stakeholders so enthusiastically jump at the opportunity to make a difference.”

Lori attributes JLL’s entrepreneurial spirit and amazing people for making it all possible.

“When you truly allow your people to achieve ambitions, you are tapping a passionate energy source that helps drive employee engagement and in turn helps achieve better results for our clients.”

The ultimate ambition: create 1 million meals for children in need! Visit to order meals that matter today!

About CaterCares: CaterCares enables individuals and companies, including tenants in JLL-managed properties, as well as JLL employees themselves, to order their catering for meetings online and do good at the same time. Ordering through CaterCares generates reward points, which are converted to cash and given to Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger relief organization. For every $1 donated, Feeding America can create 11 meals for hungry children and their families.

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