Partnering with MIT to drive innovations in CRE

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A little over a year ago, we expanded our longtime relationship with the MIT Center for Real Estate and became a founding industry partner of their new Real Estate Innovation Lab. With our shared mission and passion for innovation and real estate, this partnership proved a synergistic opportunity for both our organizations.

“Our partnership with MIT and the learnings that we get from just being in this innovation ecosystem gives us an edge to help advise our clients,” says JLL Managing Director of Research Ben Breslau.

Launched as a research arm solely for real estate and urban planning, the Innovation Lab is a community of researchers dedicated to exploring how to make better cities and better communities. Specifically, the lab focuses on innovations in building design, new processes in construction, and new data technologies with the potential to transform the organization of cities and the built environment.

“The flow of ideas back and forth I think has already benefited both sides,” Breslau observes. “We’re helping explain to them how some of the innovations are playing out in the real world, on the ground so to speak, and they are helping tell us, with connections across MIT, really what’s coming next or what might be coming next that we should start preparing for and helping to diffuse out there into the industry.”

Feel free to contact Ben to learn more about this unique partnership.

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