Where Boston falls in the new typology of World Cities

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In today’s highly connected and globalized world, it no longer makes sense to see all cities as in competition with each other. Cities now share roles and aspirations with other similar cities, and a new grouping of cities has emerged as a result. Our latest JLL Research Report “World Cities: Mapping the Pathways to Success” benchmarks these new types of city groups against their shared strengths and challenges.

Based on the original three broad groupings of cities – Established World Cities, New World Cities and Emerging World Cities –  our report identifies 10 types of cities that now make up the evolving global system. So where does Boston fall within these city types?

With its status as one of the nation’s prime technology hubs, it should come as no surprise that Boston is considered an ‘Innovators’ city type. As one of the three types of New World Cities, ‘Innovators’ possess high tech, innovation and research capabilities that make them important cities in the high-value economies.

Additionally, after only the ‘Big Seven,’ the ‘Innovators’ have the highest real estate investment intensity of the 10 city types. Not surprisingly, Boston ranks the top real estate investment destination among the ‘Innovators’ in part due to its ample access to talent and city amenities.

For more information on how Boston compares to other cities around the world, download The Universe of City Indices 2018: World Cities – Mapping the Pathways to Success.

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