Workplace continues to evolve in Boston

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From Tom O’Connor
Senior Vice President, Project & Development Services

Backed by a stable economy and strong access to talent, Boston’s presence on the global stage doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. As office demand remains strong in the market, workplace trends are reflecting the changing perception of what an office should look like. With 2.32 m.s.f. of new office space under development, employers expanding or relocating to Boston are now, more than ever, thinking more critically about their real estate in order to remain competitive. As workplace design continues to evolve, tenants are pushing the boundaries on what’s now considered a typical office.

According to our recently released 2018 Office Fit Out Guide, there are three main types of office styles: Traditional, Moderate, and Progressive. Characterized by the highest private office density of the three styles, the Traditional office style is defined by workspaces, conference rooms, and minimal collaboration spaces. As the most expensive office fit out, many office users are non-surprisingly transitioning from this traditional office style.

Due to its balance between an open office work environment and dedicated private office spaces, the majority of current U.S. offices are being built in the Moderate office style. Successful Moderate office layouts combine the benefits that come from the other two office styles, and enable tenants a mix of workspace options. Lastly, as its name alludes, the Progressive office style is the most progressive of the three styles with 100 percent bench style space and no enclosed offices. As the fastest-growing office category, the Progressive style is ideal for tenants who prefer activity-based working since the space encourages high employee collaboration.

So which office style is the best for Boston? With Boston’s status as a leading technology hub, it’s fitting that the most cost efficient office space is the Progressive style. As the leading-edge office space featured in our guide, the open office floorplan is best for collaboration and is often favored by tech companies and startups. Additionally, this fit out capitalizes on the human experience by promoting continuous innovation through its use of multi-use spaces and common areas.

To learn more about local and national market dynamics, I encourage you to download our Boston Office Fit Out Insight and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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