Getting to know our Industrial team: Meet Caroline

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In Part Two of our interview series with our New England Industrial team, we sat down with new Associate Caroline Collett to learn more about her transition to commercial real estate and why she’s excited for the future of Boston’s industrial market. Get to know more about Caroline below!

Prior to joining JLL you were in medical sales. Why the change to commercial real estate?

Although I had a very successful seven-year career in medical sales, I came to realize there was a ceiling to my success. Real estate runs in my family, my dad has been in residential real estate for the past 45 years, so I’ve always had an interest in this industry. That history combined with how hot the Boston market is right now made me want to take the leap.

Caroline with Industrial lead Mike Ciummei

What about industrial in particular appealed to you?

The Boston industrial market is undergoing such a rapid change. Ecommerce is booming and we’re seeing so many big box retailers shifting more towards warehouse space. With such high demand, it’s obvious the market is going to explode and I thought this was a perfect opportunity to jump on board.

What experiences and/or lessons from sales will you be able to apply to your new role?

A million things! I’ve had the privilege of having such varied sales roles and I’ve taken something valuable from each one. Some basic sales fundamentals – resourcefulness, adaptability, coachability, accountability – will help me excel in this position.

In my opinion, one of the golden rules to sales is maintaining a sense of individuality – recognizing your own style and leveraging your strengths. Mike, Joe and I have such a solid camaraderie and play off of each other’s personalities so well. They’re able to provide some levity to my “style” and vice versa. I feel so fortunate to have joined a team that constantly supports and encourages one another. We all share the same passion to work hard, be the best at what we do, build a successful team and have a great time doing so.

You’re a part of a growing team at JLL. What’s the excitement like with helping to build a new team?

That was one of the main reasons I was excited to join this team since it’s such a rare opportunity. Not only having the opportunity to work with and learn from two impressive individuals like Mike and Joe, but also to be a part of building this team from the ground up is an invaluable experience. I am so excited for what’s to come.

You are a woman within a predominantly male centric industry, as well as the only woman on your team. How do you feel about that challenge?

As I was going through the interview process I realized how few women brokers there are in commercial real estate…not a new concept to me having been in sales since the start of my professional career. While I anticipate some disadvantages, I’ve certainly never been one to turn down a challenge. If anything, I feel more of a responsibility, now more than ever, to make sure I am doing my part to create more seats for women at the table. I’m lucky to work for a company that supports female leaders and seeks to diversify the brokerage team. There are some incredibly impressive female brokers in the Boston community, both in and out of the office, that I am excited to have the opportunity to learn from. I may be considered a minority in commercial brokerage but I see it as nothing but a massive opportunity to break ground and stand alongside some powerhouse women who are redefining the industry.