An ambition like no other: Tohkti’s story

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For JLL Facility Manager Tohkti Wayet, achieving ambitions means more to him than most. Tohkti came to the United States as a refugee from Central Asia and found boundless opportunity at JLL.

“Where I grew up, being the owner of your own life was impossible. It was decided what kind of work I would do and what kind of identity I could have. So, coming here, it was like being freed from a cage,” said Tohkti.

“JLL was the first official job I got in the United States. Since then I have been provided with many opportunities and great support to achieve my ambitions. I can say JLL is like a mini U.S.A. The United States is a land of opportunity and JLL can be an example of that,” he added.

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Known to all around the Boston office where he’s worked for the last nine years, Tohkti will soon call JLL’s Headquarters in Chicago home, where he’ll serve as Facility Manager there and at JLL offices across the Midwest region.

“It’s exciting,” said Tohkti about taking on the new position. “It will be a more challenging role and I think I can manage it well. There are 1,300 people at our Aon Center Headquarters including many high-level executives, so every day there will be something new to keep me busy. It will test my ability to be organized and manage time and is a great opportunity for me to learn and grow.”

It should serve as a testament to Tohkti’s work ethic and character that he was recommended for the role when the previous Facility Manager retired, which, as Tohkti put it, “showed the confidence they had in me.”

And why would they not? Tohkti has taken full advantage of every chance that’s been put in front of him, something that, as he previous alluded to, was never a possibility prior to coming to America. That includes beginning a 2-year online MBA program at Bentley University which he plans to start in the Fall.

“Since I came to the United States, I had been thinking more and more about the people who are still living under the persecution and brutal regime where I come from. I realized doing the MBA program may provide me with the roadmap to achieve my own economic freedom.”

Despite all that’s ahead of him, this next chapter is bitter sweet for Tohkti. When he and his family move to Chicago, they’ll be leaving a place that has been home to them longer than any other, as well as colleagues who have grown to become friends.

“It’s kind of hard to say goodbye but I know we are still in the same company,” said Tohkti, referring to his fellow Facilities teammates and others in Boston. “Many of the experiences I have accumulated and the resources I have used will stay the same. The biggest thing that is changing is the caliber of the work and the level of challenges I will face. It will allow me to put my skillset and knowledge to the test, which is a good thing.”

And we have no question that he will succeed with flying colors, achieving all of his ambitions and more.