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Once considered risky and less appealing, suburban lab is here to stay

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This article originally appeared in The New England Investor.

The harder it is to get something, the more people want it. And that pretty much goes for all facets of life. So, the fact that nearly every life sciences company, both big and small, wants to be in East Cambridge—despite $70.66… Read More

Cambridge: Perched atop the world’s stage and likely to stay there

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From Molly Heath
Executive Vice President, Cambridge

I recently took part in the NAIOP/SIOR End of the Year Commercial Market Review. Following are some of the key takeaways shared at the event.

Cambridge remains one of the strongest markets we track globally. From tech to biotech and pharmaceuticals, tenants are still willing to pay a major rent premium to be part of one of the… Read More

Today’s changing dynamics are shaping tomorrow’s life sciences workplace

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Much of the conversation on changing workplace dynamics has focused on office space, but lab space has been equally as impacted. Like many other organizations, life sciences companies are facing stiff competition for top talent and are increasingly in search of ways to differentiate themselves. A premier, future-focused workplace is one way they can achieve that.

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New year, same story: Boston remains the leader in life sciences

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From Don Domoretsky
Executive Vice President, Life Science Practice

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Greater Boston is the #1 life sciences cluster in the United States. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s happened before. In fact, since we began producing our annual life sciences report, no other region has held the top spot, and 2017 has proven no different.

An analysis of… Read More

REview Podcast: Cultivating a cluster beyond Cambridge in the Life Sciences industry

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From Matthew Powers
Executive Vice President, Life Science Practice

It’s an exciting time to work in the Life Sciences industry in Massachusetts. Our success stacks up on the world stage and we are the model many other states and countries look to mimic. At the heart of much of our growth is the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, an investment agency that supports life sciences… Read More

Investors “want in” to lab market

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According to the latest JLL Global Capital Flows report, despite a 16% decline in overall US volumes over the past year, gateway and larger second tier cities like Boston are continuing to see investment demand in line with last year. In fact, the city ranked as the 10th most traded in the world in the first half of the year with $4.6 billion in total volume, and is home to lab… Read More

3 key components of an effective commercial real estate process for life science companies

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Powers_Matt_InterimFrom Matthew Powers
Executive Vice President, Life Science Practice

When it comes to commercial real estate transactions, particularly in the life sciences industry, every day counts. Delays in real estate can lead to delays in getting products to market, which can lead to substantial and potentially avoidable financial implications. That’s why executing a lean process for real estate, one free of any non-value added… Read More

Boston remains #1 for life sciences

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DomoretskyFrom Don Domoretsky
Practice Lead for Life Science, Senior Vice President

JLL’s 2015 Life Sciences Outlook report has been released and once again the Greater Boston area has been named #1 life sciences cluster in the U.S. Boston remains the top hub based on employment concentration and growth, levels of funding… Read More

JLL’s Greater Boston 2014 Life Sciences Outlook

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Life Science Report Cover

Across North America, activity and demand in the life sciences industry has shifted from one driven by Big Pharmas, to one where mid-tier companies and specialty players are experiencing exponential overnight growth. Opportunity exists to retrofit and parcel large campuses to meet the growing needs of mid-tier and specialty companies, particularly in the Boston market. JLL’s Greater Boston Life Sciences… Read More