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An ambition to change the world one meal at a time

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Lori Mabardi, CaterCares creator

Nearly a year and half ago, JLL Senior Research Director Lori Mabardi reflected on her idea to create CaterCares. At the time, the program was in its infancy, having just officially been named and having not yet been made public or… Read More

Order Meals that Matter through CaterCares

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Mabardi_Lori_Casual_blogFrom Lori Mabardi
SVP, Research & CaterCares Creator

The holidays are a time for giving, and a time to gather with family, create memories and eat until we can’t eat anymore. Unfortunately for far too many children here in Greater Boston and across the country, they may not be as lucky. In fact, across the country 1 in 6 children are at risk of… Read More

Boston bubbles to the top

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Mabardi_Lori_Casual_blogFrom Lori Mabardi
Strategic Research

2014 will be remembered as the year that Boston solidified its place on the global scene. It was also the year that foreign investors took notice, as we enjoyed double digit rent growth and a revival in all corners of our market. And now that we are entering 2015, the momentum is not stopping. 2015 is the year when Boston became a… Read More

Boston Rising: 2015 Capital Markets Perspectives

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Last Thursday marked the release of our Boston Rising: Capital Markets 2015 Boston Perspective. In this year’s Perspective we featured a map of planned or in-process developments in this current cycle that will have a major impact on all sectors of Boston’s real estate economy. With this release we invited investor clients to a breakfast program to showcase some of our findings and excitement surrounding this great city of ours.

The presentation included insights from our JLL professionals… Read More

JLL Research releases Q2 North America Industrial Outlook

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JLL National Research just released its Q2 North America Industrial Outlook. It is reporting that industrial vacancy is now below a prior cyclical low, and will trend toward 7.0 percent by year-end. Rents are increasing as new development continues to play catch-up after 2010-13 marked a 50-year delivery low.

Rent growth is pronounced in those regions with vacancy rates well below the national average. Southern California, the Northwest and Southwest lead in year-over-year asking… Read More

Uncharted territory for Boston

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Mabardi_Lori_Casual_blogFrom Lori Mabardi Director, New England Research   

Greater Boston is in unchartered territory in economic growth and it is an exciting time to be a resident, business owner or investor.

In May, employment hit an all-time peak with more people now employed in the region than at any other point in history. Unemployment rates have hit a multi-year low.

Population growth from 2010 to 2013 was 4.6… Read More

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Class B rents are pushing Class A in Boston

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From Lori Mabardi
Boston Research Director

JLL’s spring Skyline Review reports that the city of Boston is undergoing a large-scale transformation through its expanding innovation, growing amenity base, ongoing urbanization, and tightening office fundamentals.

While a few Skyline towers face challenges with large vacancies, on the whole, the Skyline tower set continues to be healthy. All boats are… Read More

Boston enters 2014 on solid ground

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Lori Mabardi headshotFrom Lori Mabardi
Research Director





Our fourth quarter 2013 data and analysis for Greater Boston reveals that the region ended the year on a good note. The market registered 5.6 percent rent growth year-over-year, and a positive 602,000 square feet in direct net absorption.

Through November, the Greater Boston NECTA added 52,000 jobs, a level unseen since the early 2000s. The… Read More