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Center for Workplace Innovation to help pioneer change and inspiration in Boston

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Aquillano_headshot_2_lrg_140906Guest post
From Sam Aquillano
Executive Director, Design Museum Foundation

Engaging, collaborative workplaces that inspire productivity are quickly becoming the new norm. At a time when only 30% of people feel engaged in their work, reinventing the workplace is imperative, and good design can make a real impact.

The days of cubicle office culture are outdated and businesses are searching for new alternatives to meet… Read More

Save energy by sharing

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BestBobFrom Bob Best
Executive Vice President

Want to reduce energy consumption in the workplace? Start by sharing information. It’s efficient, inexpensive, and it works.

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) claims that up to 12% of energy savings can be achieved by way of real time energy feedback devices that tell people how much energy is being consumed.

Even when there is no… Read More

Get yourself out of hot water

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BestBobFrom Bob Best
Executive Vice President

About 5% of the energy used in buildings is for heating water.

If we are going to focus on water conservation, let’s start there. You’re killing two birds with one stone. Saving water and saving energy at the same time.

Water-saving solutions don’t need to be expensive. Fix dripping faucets with washers that cost cents not dollars. A faucet that… Read More

Taming your capital monster

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Most companies believe they are creating a capital plan that supports business goals but in fact, the world’s largest companies often miss their real estate capital plan by billions each year – felled by the ‘capital monster.’

The capital monster strikes when companies are unintentionally inhibiting growth because they do not effectively develop, prioritize, manage and execute their capital plan. So how do you tame the beast?

The benefits of Fido in the workplace

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As the workplace evolves and perks such as free beer, snacks, flexible hours and treadmill desks are becoming the norm, one thing that has been slow to change is dogs in the workplace. In honor of National Puppy Day, we decided to take a look at the benefits of working alongside man’s best friend.


JLL’s client, Life Is Good,

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